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Yoga for children
Eugenie Knox founder/director of Dance of Life Yoga Studio in Melbourne has always maintained independence and inspirational attitudes to yoga and dance. Teacher for more than 30 years she has taught many children and adults. First creative and contemporary dance and clowning and now yoga and meditation.
For her the creative approach is most important as there are no mistakes, just tryouts. Nothing ventured nothing gained is a good motto to keep in mind.
The model for the book is 10 years old Oona. Eugenie is Oona’s grandmother.

YOGA IS FUN caters for children and is simple and explanatory and easy for children to follow without help from grownups. They relate quickly to the pictures and begin practicing them straight away. This book gives them an exciting and unusual approach to yoga. They are empowered with their ability to do the poses within the pages of the book. They love the animal poses and also the stories included about the animals in their natural habitat.
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