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Our true nature is Satchidananda (Existence - Consciousness - Bliss).
Why then do we suffer, struggle, grieve, envy and wish to be other than what we are already? If we are the bliss of consciousness in the ' here and now', why then the fight in life. Why not surrender our ego and live and love in harmony with ourselves and others? Sacred ancient texts of yoga philosophy state the purpose of life is to relinquish all sense of separateness and realise the Totality of Being.

The idea of unity IS yoga. The cosmic union of Shiva and Shakti explains creation and fulfillment. Shiva, as static and Shakti, as active are one and the same and yet the two must re-join to complete the Drama. It is said that all of life is a play of Consciousness. From forgetfulness to rememberance. REALISE! How to do it? THAT IS YOGA.

There are many and varied approaches to clearing away ignorance and inertia. There is a way to suit each individual. For some it is through service to humanity (KARMA yoga), for some it is study of scriptures (GNANA yoga). Those with a propensity for devotion and love to the Guru (BHAKTI yoga), and some prefer meditation as their approach (RAJA yoga).

Some practitioners of Hatha yoga are gentle and have a delicate disposition, so a softer approach to asanas suits their make-up. More active and athletic individuals will find a dynamic approach is very invigorating and their development is generally through challenging their boundaries of physical possibility. The degree of intensity can be adjusted to suit each and every individual, as the body is a responsive tool, and a faithful servant and can be trained and nurtured with the practice of asanas.