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Indelible Memories - Eugenie Knox
Part One: "Into the mouth of the tiger"
Part Two: "From the frying pan into the fire"
Part Three: "India"

In ╩╗Indelible Memories╩╝ Eugenie Knox reveals one of the most colorful facets of the diamond which is the Melbourne arts world. Her story encompasses a wondrous family life, not without tragedy; through the heady times of the sixties and seventies; with travel to Europe and the U.S.A., and life in India; along with the vagaries of tree, and sea change. A key figure in bringing from overseas modern twentieth century dance and the practices of yoga and spiritual faith, Eugenie formed a creative mould from which many Melbourne artists have drawn. Those lucky enough to have seen her performances know they have been privy to the work of a genius within a small pearl of the arts scene. The Dance of Life Studio which Eugenie founded long ago remains a place of influence. And her yoga classes on the Mornington Peninsula are as invigorating and inspirational as ever. Written and illustrated by Eugenie, this is a book which will astound the unsuspecting and delight all . Herein is a remarkable offering from a woman who now by way of words, parts the curtains and leads us again onto paths of discovery.
Melanie Wiltshire
Traveller, reader, homemaker.

"A few years ago Eugenie allowed me to read the first draft of her book, which is an autobiography, a memoir, a novel, a comic strip, a reflection. It swept me away into another life. I found it fabulous.
Eugenie’s writing is open and honest, unpretentious and simple, witty and gritty, funny and moving, exotic and adventurous and brimming with truth.
It’s a book about a grand life journey, with marvellous illustrations dotted throughout to add to the joy of it all.
Eugenie maintains she wrote it just for herself, something she wanted to do with no plan to share with the world. That it fell out of her onto the page.
Well she has relented and is sharing it now.
Don’t miss the chance to be delighted by this book."
Rob Last
Book lover, especially autobiographies.
World traveller.
Theatre lover and sometimes critic.

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