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Eugenie Knox founded the Dance of Life Yoga Studio in 1974 and has been teaching her unique style of Yoga to thousands of students over  the years.

"I see each and every moment as an opportunity for growth on all levels,  physical, emotional and spiritual.  Yoga is the perfect vehicle as it is  creative and scientific at the same time.

The ancient aspect of yoga with its roots deep in the past, is the perfect environment for each and everyone to learn about themselves on the deepest  levels.  The Yogic Lore is 'Man!  Know Thyself!"

Eugenie's history is a simple one.  The Body.  She began with dance and choreography, then mime and clowning and finally yoga and meditation.  She has travelled widely, including 12 times to India where she learned from her Master Sri Mata Amrlitanandamayi  the teachings of peace, responsibility for one's actions and compassion for oneself and others.

Contact Eugenie
mobile 0429 092 331
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